The anniversary of the 18 November is fast approaching, when Threave Rural Ltd. was established as an independent rural/estate agent and rural consultancy business. This date was the date that the company principles resigned their salaried positions and Threave Rural was established with the aim to meet the needs of a current and ever-changing rural economy. Our aim, remains to offer a client-focused bespoke and individual approach to all areas of rural and estate agency, along with rural consultancy.

The business was set up as a limited company with the two team principals being the only directors, with all shares, owned and controlled by them, thus allowing decisions to be made quickly to meet and adapt to an ever-changing political and economic climate.

We continue to be humbled and thank all those who have supported us during this period, we continue to diversify to meet the needs of a highly dynamic market and as always welcome feedback to allow us to meet the needs and demands of the sector.

With Brexit upon us and uncertain constitutional direction in the UK, we will no doubt be presented with challenges Threave Rural Ltd. will, as always, try to be proactive rather than reactive in all areas of our business. We continue to embrace any change seeking considered solutions rather than procrastinating old methods.


Threave Rural’s market share continues to grow in the south of Scotland, although we have had brief forays into Cumbria. We remain extremely diverse and have seen properties brought to the market from farms, woodland, smallholdings, equestrian properties, right through to building plots and a garden centre, all offered and sold within the last 12 months.
We are extremely honoured with the number of instructions we continue to receive, and properties are being brought to the market on a weekly basis. Next week sees the launch of an agricultural smallholding at Tinwald, a building site at Springholm, and a 370 Acre arable and stock-rearing farm in the extreme west of the area.

We continue to offer a bespoke and client-focused service, with genuine 24/7 assistance. For all new properties and property enquiries, please keep an eye on our website, active Facebook page and other electronic portals, your input in to how our service can be improved is always welcomed, to ensure a better experience for you.

We look forward to the next 12 months with the same enthusiasm as the last three years and endeavour to meet the demands of a continually changing property market, which is, as always, affected by political and economic conditions.


Agricultural consultancy forms part of the core business, and we are about to enter a period of uncertainty with Brexit, there is little doubt that the method and level of support will change, although the latest information coming from the Scottish Government is that they are keen to maintain a level of direct support however, no doubt “the devil will be in the detail “we remain vigilant to learn of any change in policy thus enabling us to be able to assist and inform our client base. Over the last number of years, it has been stated within the press that they are looking to simplify matters, but it is our experience that this is not the case and the burden of bureaucracy within the system continues to grow and become an even larger issue for rural businesses. As is the usually the way, where there is change there will be opportunities and Threave Rural Ltd will endeavour to stay fully abreast of all developments and keep our clients fully informed.

We continue to form strong working relationships with other professionals; solicitors, accountants, other independent land agents, etc. to offer the very best all-round professional service possible and continue to look for opportunities in this ever-changing environment.

We, again, thank all our customers old and new for the faith that has been shown in us at Threave Rural Ltd

Allan W Paterson FIA (Scot)
Dawn A Roberts (BSc)
Directors – Threave Rural Ltd.